Lush Lawn iPhone 6 Case

There's no excuse for not having a well kept lawn when you can fit it in the palm of your hand. Always well groomed and never loitered with "those darn kids", protecting your iPhone is now a walk in the park.

$52.00 I want one!
Smartphone Controlled Door Lock

Sick of forgetting keys, and having to get up off the couch to let friends in? One does not simply enter your apartment with a standard lock! This app and lock duo will open a world of convenience you never dreamed of.

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Minecraft Creeper Mug

Enjoy your coffee while simultaneously taking the phrase "mean mugging" to a whole new level.

$24.95 I want one!
Electric Screwdriver

It's 2015, and that means the future is here. Stop screwing like a primate and upgrade to the amazing electric screwdriver. You don't want to look like a fool when Marty gets back.

$9.98 I want one!
Inflatable Private Island Cabana

Is market inflation keeping you from your dream of owning a private island? Now you can inflate your island and your ego, as you lounge in the cabana and the envy of swimmers everywhere. It even gets cooler. No really, it comes with a floating cooler.

$318.99 I want one!
SEGA Genesis Portable Game Player

SEGA Genesis was taken away by evolving technology. Now it's back and you never have to let go again! With 37 built in games, this portable player is proof you can fall down and get back up (sorry, Dr. Robotnik).

$45.00 I want one!
USB Nintendo 64 Controller

Compatible, controllable, and always down for a video game. This N64 USB controller may have the qualities of your ideal mate, but we recommend keeping things pla(y)tonic.

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Minecraft Diamond Pendant Necklace

Have you always wanted a beautiful diamond, but have reservations about supporting blood thirsty regimes and well marketed monopolies? Keep your mental health bar full and opt for this Minecraft diamond pendant necklace instead.

$13.20 I want one!
Retro Apple Logo Sticker

Do you find fruit even more irresistible than Eve did? Don't deny your love for Apple, let the world know with this laptop decal and wait as spectators compliment you with rousing Appleause.

$8.99 I want one!
Portable Urban Bedside Shelf

Some city slickers are all about that one night stand, and this one is so slim and lightweight you can have it in any bed you desire.

$15.99 I want one!
Like Button Oven Mitt

Whether you're really into social media or you just have a crush on Mark Zuckerberg, the like button oven mitt is a sure fire way your cooking will always get a thumbs up.

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One Pound of Pink Starburst

When life hands you lemons, you make lemonade. When life hands you lemon Starburst, you make believe someone else will eat them until the superior flavors are gone and you have to throw them out. Don't waste time searching for the good stuff, dive right in to 1lb of it.

$19.99 I want one!
55 Gallon Barrel of Lube

Reviews are hilarious!

$1310.30 I want one!
Outdoor LED Light Cube

Cordless with remote control

$140.00 I want one!